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Can’t Look Yet

That building back there is the non-burned side of my old apartment building. The side that had smoke and water damage, no fire. I now live on the other side of the apartment complex, but the mailboxes are on the side I used to live on. Sometimes, when I check my mail, I have a desire to go look at my old, roof-gone, burned down apartment. To stand there and cry. I don’t know what else. Just do that. 

I think only 1 or 2 times I actually turned the corner and saw it. But not recently. This is the farthest I’ve gotten in a while. 
I can’t seem to bring myself to turn the corner and see it again. I just can’t look yet. 

I’ve been very well taken care of since my apartment burned down. I’ve even started my own business, and it has blessed my life in many ways. Feel free to shop with me if you so desire!

I know I’ll eventually have to look at it. I’ve got some things in a storage unit over there, that was separate from the apartment. I need to move them to my new storage unit, near my new apartment. But not yet. I just can’t look yet. 


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Dinosaur Jar

dino 009

Yep – a dinosaur jar! It is very easy to make, and you can use any color you want!

Here’s how it all started….I went to my friend Emily’s house and we made these:

IMG_4124 IMG_4122 IMG_4112 IMG_4109

She had been collecting jars for SOMETHING, so we bought some dinosaurs and superglue, and went for it! I went for black and she chose gold. I chose to use painter’s tape and just paint part of the jar lid, but she chose to paint the whole thing. After it was all finished, I decided I wished I’d done the whole thing, so I decided I’d just do another one at home. So I did!

Here’s some more details about how to do this…


Refer to the picture above for the steps….

1. Choose your dinosaur and put super glue on the bottom of each foot! I prefer Loctite Gel Control Super Glue. I conveniently had a bag of animals that I got from my grandma a few years ago! Let it dry for a few hours. I just did it overnight. 

may 0012. Get whatever color of paint you want, and paintbrushes. I used a small and a large one so I could use the small one to get under the dinosaur and in all the crevices, and the large one for the lid part. 

3. Paint your dinosaur and lid! Let it dry for a few hours, I let it dry for a few days, simply because I forgot about it! I put it on top of a small water bottle, because I’d painted the very bottom edge of the lid as well. 

dino 005

dino 001You can tell that I kept it by the sink to dry, because it has dried water spots on it! Also, I don’t know how, but some of the paint chipped off…so I just gave it another coat! No water spots, no chips!

4. Use Mod Podge to cover the dinosaur and jar lid with a sealing coat. I used the same large and small paintbrush as before. Let it dry overnight. Again, I let it dry for a few days, simply because I got busy!

5. Put the dry, finished lid on the jar!

6. Fill it with goodness!

Here’s the first one I made, housing vitamins. 


Here’s the second one I made, much preferred, housing Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

dino 010

Ok, let’s be honest. Both jars are filled with dinosaur eggs. 

Emily pointed that out once I showed them to her. She knows everything, and it is fabulous!

Dinosaur eggs in dinosaur jars. 

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